About Bilel Briki

Bilel has become a household name in his country Tunisia. His breathtaking portraits and signature style have taken over all forms of social media, from Facebook to Instagram.

Bilel grew up in Carthage, and now lives in Dubai with his wife, and works in Dubai.

He began his journey into photography merely as a hobby after graduating with a degree in Multimedia.

Bilel started shooting portraiture and found that people responded fiercely to his work, due to the connection he was able to create with his camera.

Bilel grew a fast following on facebook and social media. He’s ability to answer, comment and respond to his followers is just one more thing that makes him the photographer that he is.

Bilel gear of choice is his Canon Eos R and his favorite lens the Sigma Art 85mm 1.4. He uses the 85 to allow him to be close to his subject but also allow for nice compression and blur. The “blur” is what got Bilel interested in portraits in the first place, his curiosity pushed him to find out how he could create that, too. The rest is all in the details, and as he delved into the world of photography, he made a new path and his own style of retouching.

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